Dear Misfortune, Mother of Joy
by Broken Back

This First EP « Dear Misfortune, Mother of Joy » echoes a quote of the famous writer Albert Cohen « Le malheur est le père du bonheur de demain ».

« Mild Blood » describes the addiction to a doomed romance whereas “Happiest Man On Earth” depicts the consciousness of a stealth second of happiness. “Halcyon Birds” extends a metaphor about the second chance, inspired by the eponymous Greek myth. Whereas “Young Souls” evokes the childhood paradox: between youthful carelessness and eagerness to be grown-ups.

The smooth and catchy melodies are filled with hope. The dancing electro rhythms are full of carefree waves, like those of living the city, flee the preordained paths and decide one’s own fate. But the choir and folk arpeggios entrusts us with some deeper sadness like an echo to this physical accident and this forced professional break, without which the project BROKEN BACK would never have seen the light.

Mixed by Broken Back, Pierrick Devin (former assistant of Philippe Zdar, known for his work with Lilly Wood & the Prick), and N’to (Considered by many as one of the major rising producer on the deep house & minimal French scene), the four tracks of “Dear Misfortune, Mother of Joy” are like an anthem to this 1990 generation. Everything is recorded in a student’s room. No professional studio. No additional musicians. 100% home production.

This first EP sounds like a borderless melody, embodying a generation that doesn’t assume any barriers between the continents. A radiant generation, born among the ashes of the prevailing crisis, and yet bursting with an unfailing optimism. A generation to which it feels good, sometimes, to look towards. 

12" Vinyl ou CD

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