Bot'Ox - Sans Dormir
by Bot'Ox

 The album consists of ten tracks, mostly sung, some of which have already been released in the form of singles and remixes with videos during the year.

Opening with a spectral visit from downstairs - "Basement Love" - the album continues with "Grands Boulevards", an instinctive nocturnal trip where rockabilly guitars rub elbows with moogs while giving an account of obsessions, recurring dreams and waking nightmares.
"2.4.1" speaks of disillusionment in love while leaning towards soft rock.
"Another Form of Fatigue" tries to tame the migraine with a dubby feel.
"Back from the Suburbs" is a twisted electro-rock ballad.
"Goodbye Fantasy" is an anti-declaration of love with pro-British pop accents.
"The Face of Another" is a kind of dissatisfied, sexually wandering discopop while "Night Stuntman" is a psychedelic credit roll for a movie with no happy ending.
The sweet "Unfinished Business" makes an attempt at reconciliation, before the synthesizers all emerge for the title track "Sans Dormir".
In the cold but heartfelt voices of the artists are a meeting of male and female intimacy, which sometimes reply to each other ("Unfinished Business"). These voices include Mark Kerr, Anna Jean and Judy Nylon (of the legendary punk band Snatch), already present on the first album. They are joined here by Samy Osta and Foremost Poets, the iconic trans-Atlantic voice of underground house / techno.

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