Gong 3000
by Kusuma

1. Homies : Using just a handful of elements, Orestt delivers a fine slab of machine funk as timeless as it is groovy

2. L'Age de Glace : It's pure hardware splendour that comes together to create a beautiful and danceable track larger than the sum of its parts.

3. L'Age de Glace (Jonathan Kusuma Remix) : With a tighter structure and a bass guitar groove tailored for the dance floor, the producer's touch is subtle but particularly efficient. This version is all about the interplay between the rhythmic section and a swirl of melodies gleaned for the original.

4. L'Age de Glace (Jonathan Kusuma Alternative Version): Additional production from Kusuma as well as elements from the original mingle, the result is a stripped-down rework. Once again, the combination of vibe and Kusuma's touch makes for a brilliant track that elevates souls while making feet move.

5. Delta : Beautiful synth leads, drum machine toms and droning pads showcase the lighter side of Orestt on this hauntingly gorgeous EP closer.

12" Vinyl

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