Special Delivery
by Red Axes / Rouge Mécanique

This is a vinyl only release, absolutely no digital !

RED AXES – Der Sexa : An elegant synthetic groove where lush female vocals, a genuine bass guitar line and plucked strings of an oriental persuasion gradually make an appearance. A build-up leading to a fantastic breakdown from the original track kept intact before the edit kicks back in. A distinctive and catchy edit that bears the Israeli duo's unique signature sound.

ROUGE MECANIQUE – Cosi Cosi : Ominous synths, spoken word and an atmosphere that conjures images of dystopian horror. A slow pulse of a beat that gradually picks up and funky guitar licks: there's light at the end of tunnel as the edit goes from dark to hedonistic. 10 blissful minutes crafted with class by French producer Roman Azzaro under his Rouge Mécanique alias.

12" Vinyl

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