Infantile EP
by Douchka

 Pure product of the Nowadays Records house, Douchka joined the label two years ago. As productive as hyperactive, the French producer released a first EP « Joyful » (June 2015), followed after a few months of touring by « Together », his second EP released in March 2016. As soon as he got out of the studio, Douchka opened the sold out French Tour of Fakear with his live. The attention kept on growing ever since with venues at Dour Festival, Garorock Festival, Pitchfork Festival and a lot of the biggest concert halls all over France. He also flew across the Atlantic with a venue at the French Beat in Montreal in Septembre 2016.  It’s during this long tour, and in parallel of the Leska duo that he forms with Les Gordon, that Douchka composed Infantile, his third EP. This project witnesses all the maturity acquired by the producer during the past year.  Seven titles EP, Infantiles dives us into the universe of the producer, guided by a carelessness of rare purity. Rich through its diversity of textures and sonorities, Infantiles confirms all the hopes putted on Douchka, and announces another passionate tour, which started with a sold out first solo venue at Le Point Ephémère (Paris) on May 4th 2017.


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