Nowadays V
by Nowadays Records

Five years have passed since the first release of Nowadays Records.

Launched with Fakear’s signature, the label founded by oOgo and Chomsky from La Fine Equipe has seen the growth of many projects such as Clément Bazin, Everydayz, Phazz (who produced for Travis Porter, did remixes for Soulection, Interscope and Mad Decent), Leska, Jumo and many others, all of them carried by the irreplaceable quartet of La Fine Equipe.


Five years during which Nowadays Records released 75 EPs and LPs, toured in and outside of France, and generated several hundred millions stream plays.

With their hear in the right place, their eyes on the emerging scene and their ears open on the world, Nowadays built itself a singular and racy identity through the time. Fed by inspirations like Stone Throw, Ninja Tune or Warp, the label places itself as an ambassador of a fast growing scene, defending it through its shows, releases, and events like the two Boiler Room shows in Paris and London.

Without sticking itself to a musical gender, Nowadays keeps on widening its horizons by working with foreign artists and mixing the inspirations through its releases, driven by its sound and visual trademarks and aesthetics.


In order to celebrate those five years spent defending as many projects as musical crushes they had, and to thank its community made of more than 150 000 followers around the world, Nowadays unveils the “Nowadays V”, double album with a digital and physical release on November 30th.

Through this compilation, Nowadays gathers on one side the tracks that marked its history and, on the other side, unreleased tracks that sometimes lead to collaborations such as the one between Clément Bazin and Leska, or the one between Fakear and La Fine Equipe.

Face A :

01 La Fine Equipe & Fakear - 5th Season

02 Clement Bazin - XO feat. JT Soul

03 Robert Robert - Okay Alright Okay

04 Fakear - Mana

05 Leska - Waterfall feat. Madjo & Clement Bazin

06 Ténéré - Living Waters feat Clara Sergent


Face B:

01 Jumo - Tout Ira Bien

02 Gangue (La Fine Equipe, Fulgeance, Haring) - Geste Propre

03 Everydayz - Secret Fire

04 Kultur - Second Youth

05 Yann Kesz - Parabox 432h

06 Skence - The Speech




Face C:

01 Fakear - Skyline (Radio Edit version a mettre)

02 Clement Bazin - Romeo

03 Robert Robert - Coolest Place In The Universe

04 La Fine Equipe - Make U Greedy

05 Douchka - This Mood feat Hi Levelz

06 Everydayz & Phazz - Almeria

07 Robert Robert - Let Her Go feat. Lia & Le Vasco


Face D:

01 Unno - Walls

02 Jumo - Nomade

03 Awir Leon - Maybe We Land

04 BRNFKD - Sixteen feat Camille Michelle Gray

05 Hugo LX - Doma feat Nia Andrews

06 Hoosky - Rush Hour

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