Dj Spankbass

Awarded Turntablist, (2006 vice DMC champion (France) cat: Beat Juggling, 2006 Polymix Champion, 2006 TKO Champion) Spankbass is also a skilled Bass Music Producer. Signed on labels such as Peace Off, Accomodus, Compact, Upgrade Audio and Kosen Production, his style is a mixture of Neurohop, Dubstep with a touch of Drum & Bass or Glich-hop according to his mood. This turntable master has already shaken stages alongside great turntablism and bass music names.
His pleasure to share new tunes and get the crowd excited pushes him on stage, from Paris to Brussels, from London to Rennes. He also got involved for several months on the BOMB DA BASS nights at the Nouveau Casino (Paris) where he gets to share line-up with Modstep, Diesel, Figure to name a fiew.
Starting 2012 Spankbass focuses more and more on his own production and showcases his talent with his first EP "Indian Spice" alongside Ratbeat. This new project received much attention from the medias (Finest ego, Bass Musique Magazine, BF2D). A growing motivation makes him release more tracks including one on "Aisuru" compilation, which gathered Glitch-hop international artists to raise funds for Japan, and an official remix for Watch Clan band.
His second solo EP, released on Upgrade Audio, enters Beatport charts for several weeks. He also records podcasts for Peace Off, Château Bruyant and Kosen Production, label on which he releases hi last 2 tracks EP to date several months later.
His will to reconcile both Turntablism and Production sees his first Scratch record released on Kiosk Records label, alongside DJ Ritch. Volume 2 forthcoming very soon …

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