He’s simply the first French champion in the history of deejaying. But Kodh, a french madagascan, is even more than that – a producer, a sound artist – he even designed the Swing an instrument, a dj machine he uses to produce remixes every week for his #scratchkodhremix challenge.

Kodh is a DJ and a recognized figure in the world of turntablism, He won several national and international DJ championships. He symbolizes creativity and diversity. He defines himself as an imaginative DJ and his style of predilection mixes Hip-Hop and Electronic music cultures.

His music breaks the known dimensions to deliver fantasy and moments of escape.
Kodh is also a producer – his productions were featured on Tv and groups like Tres Coronas. 
Kodh also uses his talent to create artworks that were exhibited in various french galleries and he makes educational workshops around music and sound.
Kodh gives good music because to him it’s a way to have fun and empower people in their own construction.

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