La Fine Equipe

Scattered across the music galaxy by a creative big bang, the members of La Fine Equipe have been delving into new musical playgrounds. After digging the MPC along with his accomplice Fade and their duo Jukebox Champions, Blanka then embarked on his solo project Kasablanka. Meanwhile, Oogo and Chomsk’, bosses of the Nowadays label, were proving their talent as mushers of groove on their project Hoosky. Shadow man, Mr Gib buried himself in his studio One-Two Pass It, and lent Guts, Wax Tailor or G. Bonson his mixing skills. Out of sight but not out of mind, the quatuor is back in 2014, summoned by the LFE aura for the ultimate part of their trilogy La Boulangerie.

 Since the concept was launched in 2008, the four-guys gang gained ground by feeding from live experiences as well as lone projects, keeping both eyes on new tendencies. That’s why, after the grand opening of their second Boulangerie in 2011, the time has come to get together again.

 La Boulangerie is all about togetherness, and the door of the lab is wide open so others can come and play with machines, knead melodies and throw in some spices and savoir-faire in the making. 20Syl & Kafutchino, Everydayz, Fakear, Superpoze, Souleance, Chief, Jukebox Champions, Hoosky, Ugly Mac Beer & Mister Modo, Creestal, Mr.Hone, Poldoore, Barrio, Child Midori, Khryo, SNKA, Geteye, all brought along their secret recipes and their own unique touch. The point is not to run for B.F.B (Best French Beatmaker) but to campaign for parties where both sides of the stage have a good time.

 From those who squeeze their rhythms like egg whites in a crispy meringue, to those who lighten them like a delicate mousse. From those who like their sound crusty and full of caramel slivers to those who smooth it in order to obtain a mirror-like topping. From those who want their groove to be as lumpy as cocoa to those who prefer it soft and creamy, the guys made sure that every taste is displayed.

 The sweetness of the first two volumes now comes in an extensive and richer offer. The GibCake including samples chip topped with a chocolate bass, is presented in the same showcase than the Rhum Truffles, a true work of architectural art where every detail is carved like a crepe. The bite Jazz & Thé Vert of former times savor is right next to the ganache Make U Greedy, dancefloor flavored. The Baking Me By, dusted with colorful glitters stands alongside the Kouign Amman that you just can’t eat without making a mess.  

 Increasing tastes and textures like all the layers in an Opéra, working the old fashioned way as well as molecular, it is under the high authority of beatmaking and musical evolution from their original hip hop that Blanka, Chomsk’, Mr. Gib and Oogo came up with these twenty eight new pieces of candy.

 With icing on each cake. 

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