Que Vola?
par Que Vola

You could listen to this album as you would start on a journey, as if it were a ceremony, whose trajectory brings you closer and closer to the beating heart of this musical encounter.
It opens with a prologue (‘Kabiosile – saludo a Changó’) in which brass and wind ‘sing’ a salutation to Changó, god of lightning. And it finishes with ‘Resistir’, an epic piece that seems to go back over the long history of the Afro-Cubans, a history strewn with light and shadow, with chains and tears broken by the resilience of a people, opening up the pathways to its own liberty through music. Between them, the journey.
Que Vola? often assumes the haunting colours of trance, enveloped with a poesy plucked from the bi-ways along which John Coltrane loved to roam.

CD ou Vinyle 12"

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